Rank on Google Places

Rank on Google Places


Google Places is a business listing page within Google’s Maps Service. When you have a well-ranked website and your geo-keywords are optimized, you will rank higher in Google Places as well. To help you get the most from your Google Places page and a higher ranking based on your location,

We will:

●          Set-up and configure your Google Places listing to ensure high visibility for local searches.

●          Identify the most popular local keyword phrase(s) consumers are using on-line to find your type of business and incorporate those findings into your set-up.

●          Improve your company ranking and visibility on Google Places while improving your on-line        reputation.

●          Pro-actively manage your reviews and build citations to consistently improve your rank in Google Places.

A visitor to a Google Places page that has been properly configured is more likely to become a customer. Google studies have shown that every 1 out of 5 searches is local.  Better Conversion.

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