Typical Blunders Big Business And Small Business As Well Make in Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

1. Utilizing a Non-SEO To Coordinate The Campaign  is kind of obvious ,right? Possibly, possibly not. Even though rigorous SEO proficiency might actually not be crucial, comprehension of general local Search Engine Optimization, also known as Local Internet Search Marketing,  definitely is for any truly serious for any business doing local SEO. Doesnt make a difference if the actual SEO is being executed by an external company. In order to align the brand name and its strategic method, you have to have a person who comprehends both. An SEO Manager must comprehend both. Insufficient understanding, or possibly even shortage of interest in understanding can potentially not only impede the business’ SEO strategy, but it can certainly have seriously undesirable consequences.  An instinctive and clever person can go far in strengthening your marketing and have the ability to separate all the bullshit apart from legitimate professional opinions, as Rae so decently outlined.

2. Presuming That They Can Conduct All local SEO In House –On Budget  SEO surely is not a fixed craft, which once you have done it for a couple of years, then you understand or know it all. It is a constantly changing, continuously moving set of goal posts. Internal teams that are tiny, or have not been assembled organically based on expertise, almost never have the time to investigate or explore unrelated categories. At the same time, unless you are a true internet pro, the access to resources and wide range proficiency bases might be restricted.  However, if you are a major brand name, and wish to do actual SEO internally on a monetary budget, I would not advise it. You can certainly hire a full time SEO company for the cost of 2-3 staff, and have access to complex skills and the benefit of their expertise day to day with other campaigns. This is not to say that it is impossible to have a full in-house SEO staff. All I am saying is, if you have never done it before – plan this strategy with due caution.  Back in 2007, High Rankings interviewed Danny Sullivan on the topic and many of the responses still hold true in my judgment. If you are intent on training an inhouse staff – at least install some reliable methods for SEO .

3. Not Treating SEO Like A True Revenue Channel  Sounds surprising right? In my past experiences, 7 out of the 10 Big Brands I have worked with did not have SEO KPIs, Strategies or Plans in position. It was something delegated to an in house tech, or to a department often with dismal results. This happens when you do not grant the channel the esteem it should get.  SEO is definitely more than a series of link builders and content writers, it is a full blown Marketing Discipline, that needs strategy, thought, research and focus.

4. Not Distancing Brand Traffic And Sales From Generic Keyword Sets  In my opinion, this is the greatest blunder. Examining SEO sales as a whole and then assuming that the channel is healthy is quite myopic. Brand traffic, in many instances, is a given. Including those sales as part of the ROI is not the best way to judge the return on investment. A clued up Big Brand would value the revenue gotten from Generic Keywords.  Some brands (especially those in extremely competitive industries) do this really well while more conventional Big Brands dont in my experience.

5. Not Including The SEO Team  This a tremendous process problem in many businesses. From full marketing plans to press releases, from product release to PR disaster, the SEO team ought to be involved or kept aware of every issue at every stage. There are often first mover benefits in local SEO, especially PR. Not providing your own team the edge means you are essentially working in detriment of the brand in the long run. For instance, one brand I worked with had a policy of giving out their Press Releases before they were published on the site PR Section. The result? A third party website that auto publishes press releases got into Google News right away and made it next to impossible for this brand to get in that space.

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